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Most of the people who are rescued or escape the hands of sexual traffickers end up slipping back into this form of slavery due to a lack of support when they are set free.

‘Invest in a Life’ aims to equip and empower former victims of sexual exploitation so they can become fully restored, rehabilitated, whole individuals who are never ever forced or coerced to return to sex slavery again.
It is our dream that victims are no longer bound by the psychological trauma of their past but equipped with practical skills and confidence to lead new lives of opportunity and freedom. We want to see these precious lives not just physically rescued from the dark evil that is sex slavery but to be absolutely healed and transformed from the inside out, to become leaders and advocates themselves to their families and their communities.

It’s our dream to provide safe houses and renewal centers with a holistic approach in Tajikistan, Central Asia and around the world. These centers will contain agricultural farms, skill shops,music and art facilities, recreational facilities like pools and gyms. It will be a place of healing and restoration, equipping and empowering individuals to enter the world renewed.

Establishing renewal centers like this takes resources, mentors, expertise and time but ‘Invest in a Life’ has joined a revolution of abolitionists who are pioneering a way forward in this battle against modern day slavery and this collective resolve to end slavery once and for all, is what spurs us on.

Right now there is a little girl, 10 years old, who is trapped in a brothel, somewhere dark, smelly, stifling hot and dingy. She is in pain and terrified as she waits for the next perpetrator to poke and stroke and shatter her soul even further. Traumatized and dying inside, this 10 year old dares to dream. She may not know what it means to dream or how life could be different.

This is the little girl ‘Invest in A Life’ exists for.

The reality is that she represents one of millions in the world today that desperately need someone to dream for them. To dream that life can be different, that they can receive love and care and a future. That they can be free, healed and restored. We need volunteers to come on board and join our team to turn our dream, but most of all the unknown dream of this 10 year old girl, into reality.