Human trafficking: Modern Day Slavery of The 21st century.

“I am an abolitionist” – This is a true story of remarkable resilience and love in all its essence. 

I never thought I would come to the point in my life where I would be able to stare down the darkness and not look away.

I have seen too many lives destroyed.  I have experienced too many stories of immense pain, entrapment and desperation.  I have read too many statistics.  I have seen too many injustices to look away.

For years I tried to control my rage at injustice by not getting involved in the human trafficking abolitionist movement.

But now that’s all changed…

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INVEST IN A LIFE – There are three major stages when pursuing a vision. Having a vision, believing in it and then developing strategies to work towards it. “Invest in a life” ministry is now in its second stage – believing in a vision as well as making small steps towards developing strategies and executing it.

Hi 🙂 My name is Marina Kurban and for me, the concept of “investing in lives” was born many years ago.

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Desensitization or leaning into pain? Character Development.

How often do we witness or hear about war, terror, slavery or abuse and it has no effect on us.  It’s easy to do when we don’t know the people effected or we’ve seen it too many times for it to startle us.  But how often do we choose to lean into the pain and … Read more